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Yellow patches in new(ish) turf

Hi all! I need some advice, my lawn has started to develop yellow area's!

The law was laid in November I believe (new build home) and the neighbours lawn seems fine and much better than mine. 

Is it worth overseeing the lawn or will this cause more issues? Or does anybody have any other suggestions? 

Picture bellow is of my lawn. 



  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,145
    It could be one of several issues Dave but the most likely one is probably the ground conditions beneath your lawn. New builds are known for this due to the compacting that inevitably takes place when your house was built and the poor quality / depth of the sub/top-soil. As we've just come through the winter I would give it some time to recover. You may find it improves or conversely it deteriorates. If it's the latter you may well need to take some remedial action which may include digging out what is there and replacing with a decent topsoil depth. Can you stick a fork in the ground easily or do you hit hard 'objects' in the yellowing areas?

  • Hi Dave,

    The last time I stuck a fork in (to put drainage / air holes in as it was very watery) I got about five inches deep before hitting hard-core. The depth does vary across the lawn.


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