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Bush at front - cutting it short

Hello we have this bush at the front of our house between two driveways and I would like to drastically reduce it in size. I've attached a picture. It has pretty yellow flowers all summer. What I would like to do is cut the size down to half the height but more importantly also half the width. Can I do that and how would that work with the base which is wider currently. Do I have to take out roots or can I just cut it all short and leave the bit I want in the middle? Will this look ok? It would be better than cutting it all short. It obstructs both our view and the neighbour's view as the close is quite small. 


  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653
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    It's a hypericum (probably Hidcote variety) and a shrub rather than a form of hedging, it can take hard pruning but I would maintain some sort of shape, it will still flower but perhaps a little later than usual. If it were me I would reduce it by 2/3 or so all over to allow a better view as you say, don't touch the roots. 
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,788
    I agree with Mark  :)

    To make a 'proper job' of it, there's also some ivy growing around the base ... I'd pull that all out ... be ruthless as it will compete for moisture and nutrition. 

    Then give your hypericum a feed of Fish, Blood and Bone (according to directions on the pack) which is a slow acting organic fertiliser and a good soaking with a couple of buckets of water as the area underneath will be pretty dry.   

    That'll give it the oomph to put on some fresh foliage and flowers after the pruning and look lovely again by the summer.  
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  • BanditaBandita Posts: 35
    Yes it is the hypericum as you say :smile: That job is done, it was nice and I've made a good start on the Ivy but need to come back to it. The tulips around the shrub are much more visible now and fully appreciated. Thanks for the advice. 
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