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Hydrangea Petiolaris - Concern about placement

NewGrowNewGrow Posts: 17

Dear members, I picked up this climbing variety from my trip to wholesale nursery last week without being aware that these vines can we very thick and potentially cling to brickwork and may damage it in the long run. I actually picked it up in view to plant it in a big container to be able to not let it vigour as much as it could in the ground. Do you think this plant would be OK in a big container?

Other option could be to plant in Garden bed but don't know if my very basic overlap fence panels would take the clinging weight of these when they mature. How quickly do these grow in ground compared to container?



  • UpNorthUpNorth Posts: 376
    i planted one last year in a much improved bed, and it really grew well.  shady/moist bed.    as i understood, they can't take a few years to get going, but when they do, it will be vigorous.  
  • Jules41Jules41 Posts: 178
    I have a climbing hydrangea planted next to the front door (in a bed). It does cling to the wall in places but not in the same way as ivy - it's relatively easy to pull away. I'm not sure it would be suitable in a pot - it grows very quickly,  and rather large! But it is worth accommodating it somewhere (it doesn't mind semi-shade), because the flowers are so beautiful.  And it's a must-have if you're a Hydrangea addict like me! 😄
  • NewGrowNewGrow Posts: 17

    Thanks. Does someone have experience of growing them in containers?

    Also does it flower in first year? By shade / semi-shade do you mean the roots or base can be in shade but plant can be grow out onto fence for example which get plenty of sun in summers (4-5 hours)? I'm now thinking if this can be put into a corner where fences meet at right angle. Cheers.

  • Jules41Jules41 Posts: 178

    Mine have sun only in the mornings and seem happy, so I think you would be ok planting by a fence. They are pretty robust and I think would very quickly outgrow a pot. They like to get their roots down and get established before they feel happy flowering. I had nothing but green leaves for the first year, but they have flowered every year since.
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