New Allotment ...OMG...Part 3...



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    I sow them in modules, germination hasn't been good for me either but I suspect mine are old seeds or I've sown them to early.

    Check how old the seeds are and if the variety can be sown now. I find boltardy germinate reasonable well early in the growing season. Don't over water, the compost only needs to be damp. If sowing in modules leave one hole empty so you can see if there is water in the seed tray without disturbing you module tray.

    Happy growing
  • debs64debs64 West Midlands, on the edge of the Black Country Posts: 1,370
    Thanks zoomer I think I overwatered them will try again with a fresh batch
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    Hello Debs welcome to New allotment OMG thread great you have got an allotment and sounds like you are doing really well- where abouts are you?     Not sown any beetroot yet I just sow them direct in the soil, you could try putting them on damp kitchen roll in a plactic tub with no holes to re water if needed  - with damping off just try sowing seeds thinly to get good air flow

    Zoomer I get magazines GW and Garden News mag - which I get free seeds each week mainly flowers - Need to play hunt and find my courgette

    So far new cucumbers seeds I sowed not done any thing - so now took out of pots and put onto damp kitchen roll see if that makes them grow
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    Welcome Debs , like wise not sewn any beetroot yet but will sew direct but may wait until May when the soil warms up a bit 
    Asparagus is going well , had one picking already and some should be ready tomorrow when I pop up to plot
    Seeds coming up nicely in g/h , so far so good 

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    Well went to the allotment moved a few bits of wood - it rained and then had to rush to car really rained then it hailed - loads of others gave up at allotment well could not do much
    Went to homebase later and rained loads floods every where thundered as well got some bargain pansy plants for £1 each for 6pk
  • debs64debs64 West Midlands, on the edge of the Black Country Posts: 1,370
    Got more pots and will try again with beetroot this weekend. It's a white variety so may be more fussy than usual purple red. I am in West Midlands sunny here this morning but not too warm there is a cold wind blowing hope my seedlings are ok in my greenhouse. It's not heated and now I am fretting but can't get to allotment until tomorrow morning so keep everything crossed for me please! 
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    Debs64 White ones not seen them before, you are up north me in the south, my seedlings in plastic green houses are doing well no heat there

    I got some different cucumber and sowed them yesterday see if they grow
    Went to plot today did a bit of sawing then it rained then sun - weather can't make up its mind today all day

    While up the allotment spotted a bird going into neighbours bird house did not come out looked under and I could see nest stuff
    As it is wet for tomorrow I have sorted out an area to prick out seedlings lots to do
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    Hello , popped up to plot , took some more bags of bark chipping for paths 
    Picked some more Asparagus
    Parsley and Rosemary Picked as well   
  • debs64debs64 West Midlands, on the edge of the Black Country Posts: 1,370
    Hubby is a chef who wants to  use some of the veg in his recipes so I am trying to grow more unusual varieties.  It is very frustrating having to go to work when really I want to go to the allotment. I am worried I have taken on too much and won't do a good job  but going to do my very best! 
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    Deb's. I learnt as I went along and from other plot holders. The guys here also give good advise.

    I sowed broad beans and dwarf runner beans straight in the ground yesterday with cloches covering them. 

    Courgettes have germinated in heated propogator and one solitary pumpkin.👍

    Asparagus still not showing but rubarb is beginning to romp away.
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