New Allotment ...OMG...Part 3...



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    Clarire , hello you can buy potatoe organic compost from Poundland for you guest it for a £1-00 , may help . Also because of grass for the first year may have a problem with Wire worm 🐛 
    Charity shops are good for allotment / gardening books ie. cheap plus this site 
    Most first time allotmenteerer fail because they try and do to much , so take it a bit at a time 
    Best of luck  :)

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    Hello Claire L welcome to this thread - this website is good
    You could add some compost or well rotted manure when planting potatoes, write a list of plants you like to eat to grow and you could add one of them in same bed, potatoes do need to be earthed up (mound up the soil) when shoots come through to stop them going green and to get more spuds
    You could try lettuce if you like it for a quick crop as long as you have time to make sure they are watered

    Yesterday there was so much buzzing going on in the garden with neighbours cutting the grass lawn mowers and strimming and chain sawing - I decided to join in later after painting my wood, strimmed the grass then raked it

    Today went to allotment moved some fence pallets and started a bit of digging getting the area ready for potatoes, still more digging to go as not done that bit before - so more rubbish and nettles which have big roots
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    Hi, OMG part one doesn't open for me. I tried a few weeks ago and link seems dead now.
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    Took 6 bags of bark chippings to plot today , having a rest day before going to Wembley  :)
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    Hi, Claire, welcome to the thread.

    Make a list of what you want to grow and like to eat. Carry on making your raised beds and start to sow some seed's at home with the intention of planting out later.    

    You could start onions off in modules whilst you prepare another bed. Beans take up little room and will grow up supports. Thinking ahead, if you like rubarb it's not to late to plant some crowns for next year, B&M are selling them reasonably priced, of course you get a wider variety from garden centre's or nurseries.      
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    It is not a good idea to add manure or fertilizer to potato beds before planting as it can cause scab and or cancer. Potatoes are often sown as a ground clearing exercise, just dig holes, put spuds in and cover with soil. it works well to lay weed matting over the bed with crosses cut where the potatoes are planted to allow them to come through. I used old compost sacks when I first moved here but you have to pierce it with a fork to allow rain through and even then it was difficult to give them enough water.
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    I prefer to grow spuds the traditional way, make a trench, and space the spuds the length of my foot apart, cover and then earth up when the foilage starts to appear, with radish sown in between rows as it is quick growing.

    Ground still to wet at the present to plant spuds out. Planted out broad beans and sweet pea though. Potted up more lettuce, kale and various flowers. 

    Sowed some french beans and runner beans, a very productive afternoon.
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    Fire - I just tried looking for New allotment part 1 cant find it

    Zoomer maybe you could look for it in my discussions as you started the thread or if not maybe we can ask the tech team would be nice to have a look back

    Went on a quick trip to plot to ask site rep a few questions it takes them about 2hours to do the inspection of whole site, not sure if my plot ok hope forgot to ask that - did not have much time, don't think you get any feedback unless you get a bad letter

    Got a wildlife camera from Lidl today so will try that out after looking at the info with it, was raining today - have put in gh my sweet peas and pricking out the lettuce and spinach I have sown trying out loo roll tubes
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    A wildlife camera from Lidl? Wow.
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