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Wedding bouquet flower ID

SwenSwen Posts: 2
Hi all,

First post and I wanted to ask if someone can ID these flowers for me, they are from the wedding bouquet of my wife (we got married last fall) and I want to grow these flowers (as a surprise so I can't ask her or her friend who created the bouquet) in our garden.

All the help is much appreciated.



  • SwenSwen Posts: 2
    Update: this orange seems to be the Rose ‘Roald Dahl'  one of David Austin’s 2016 introductions
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    That's such a lovely idea. However, there are so many roses, it will be almost impossible to know for sure which ones they are. You are on the right track to search with David Austin website. Very good to use when searching for colour. I can't see the background to the bouquet properly but the white fluffy flowers could be Astilbes.
  • TooeyTooey Posts: 95
    I reckon they're David Austin varieties as well. If you search for their special wedding roses, it looks like the pink/orange ones are Edith to me but I don't think they sell all these varieties as ones you can grow in the garden.

    All the DA roses are beautiful so I'm sure you can find one on there to surprise your wife with and what a lovely idea to remember your special day with  :)
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