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Rowan tree.

i propagated a bare root tree for my daughters first birthday. The second I transplanted it into its large pot my cats decided after ignoring it for 2 months that it was a tasty snack. They chewed all the leaves off and now it looks like they’ve started chewing through the trunk [small sapling]. It has since been relocated AWAY from the heathens... this tree is very sentimental as it was planted with my daughters placenta... is there ANYTHING i can do to help the tree heal and thrive?? I know Rowan’s are hardy but i want to give it its best chance at survival. 


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,154
    Can you put on a photo of the damage to the trunk?

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  • It’s in a pot. They have scratching posts. It cant be moved outside currently because it’s pot bound, and though it is April we are still dealing with below zero temps outside and freaking snow because michigan is bipolar. I know it would do better outside, but i cant put it outside until the weather warms up. It was extremely important to me sentimentally to plant this tree with my daughters placenta on her first birthday which was the 26th of march. I don’t want to leave the tree behind at a house my family wont live in forever, so i read about how to grow a Rowan as a bonsai. Unfortunately once it moved into its large pot my cats decided it was a tasty snack... now my husband is furious at me for demanding he carry a 100lb large pot and plant up to our second story so i could lock it away from the cats and I’m super upset that the tree i spent two months lovingly bringing out of dormancy is damaged and may not make it and i wasted my daughters placenta on a tree that wont be able to make it...because of my cats doing cat things that they previously had 0 interest in doing. 
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    I agree, much better outside
    some of the damage looks quite bad but it could be cut back to just above that green bit and would regrow. See if the top comes back into leaf, if not, cut.
    But get it outside

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • It will be moved outside for the summer/fall when the risk of frost has passed. I cannot put it outside yet, we live in michigan and it just snowed in April, it would most definitely die if i were to place it outside in a pot in the snow. The plan all along was for the tree to go outside. We just haven’t reached the temps required for it because i brought it out of dormancy early so we could plant this tree on a specific day that was important to us because we named our child after the Rowan tree. Apparently i underestimated how destructive my damned felines were, like i said before they had ignored Rowans tree for 2 months until it switched into its extremely large permanent pot. The moment i noticed it had been being chewed on it was relocated away from the heathens. I Just wanted to know what, if anything, could be done about the damage to try and save the sapling as it holds great sentimental value to me. Moving it outside isn’t plausible at this time. 
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    I don't understand how it can have become pot-bound when you've only just planted it ... am I missing something  :/

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  • I don't understand how it can have become pot-bound when you've only just planted it ... am I missing something  :/
    When i say pot bound i mean that’s its home, where it lives, its not meant to be transplanted. Is there another meaning to pot bound that i wasn’t aware of? I am kind of new to gardening/plant lingo. This is the first time I’ve really had plant issues because i tend not to keep plants in the house because of my felines. 
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    I understand now.
    UK gardeners use the term pot bound to mean 'been in a pot for too long, it's full of roots and the plant is starving'

    In the sticks near Peterborough
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