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Best cleaner for paving slabs

I had Indian sandstone paving put down a couple of years. The path at one side of the house does not get a lot of sunlight and now looks dirty . I did try to clean it last year , got something from the garden centre but it was a waste of time and quite expensive. I can not use a jet wash as the path is higher than my neighbours garden and he would not be happy if the water went into his. I think the only alternative is to scrub it , not ideal but about a dozen slabs so could be worse. My question is what to use as a cleaner for the best results . The rest of the paving looks lovely . Any suggestions gratefully received.


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  • I have a jet wash although not a patio brush. I can not risk the water going into the neighbours garden , think Victor Meldrew . The rest of the patio I will be able to jet wash but need to be very careful with the path.
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    I usually use either Patio Magic or Algon which I think is an organic cleaner but best to check. You're right, they are both expensive although they must be diluted down. A backpack sprayer is works better than a watering can. Otherise when I ran out, I used warm water, washing up liquid, a splash of bleach and a scrubbing brush on my knees.
    Freddies Dad is right though, a pressure washer gives good results, I just find it very messy and tiring, even with the patio brush attachment.
  • I think it might be a scrubbing brush , at least its only one path . Just got to wait for it to stop raining and get a bit warmer .
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  • Not often enough , but will try cleaning with scrubbing brush first then may finish with jet wash when he is away. Bet he catches me though !
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