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Seeds/bulbs/help wanted

Hi all, It's been quite a while since I've been on! Been very busy but it's getting so exciting seeing everything begin to spring in to action! 

I'm hoping it is ok to do this post as I am here to ask for help in any ways possible. I have recently started a new job which is an amazing opportunity for me as not only am I doing my dream job that I studied hard for (working with animals), i am also working for a charitable organisation. 

I work on a charity run farm, which is open to the public and we do A LOT of gardening as well. My question is; is there anyone that can send any seeds/bulbs/ or anything else for that matter to help on the farm? Please message me if you can help. 

Thank you so much in advance. 
Kayleigh x


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    Hi Kayleigh, have you thought about contacting some of the major UK seed suppliers?  As it's for charity, they might consider sending you something along the lines of a sign etc such as "Seeds and plants provided by XXX"? ;)
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  • Kay8Kay8 Posts: 216
    Good idea!! I'll give that a go as well. Thank you x
  • Kay8 said:
    I work on a charity run farm, which is open to the public and we do A LOT of gardening as well. My question is; is there anyone that can send any seeds/bulbs/ or anything else for that matter to help on the farm?

    Could you be a bit more specific about what you could use? I would have thought an organisation like this would have some sort of plan for what you're trying to achieve on the farm/garden, so surely you wouldn't want just anything?
  • Kay8Kay8 Posts: 216
    We are currently in the process of creating a butterfly house (British conservation). So we are trying to get plants to fill this. 

    Throughout the farm we also have planters that need new flowers in. 

    We also are starting to grow vegetables etc. In order to be economical and sustainable to feed our animals using the produce we grow... 

    So yes... as you can see, pretty much anything would be useful...
  • Try some of the big garden centre chains,  the special school I work for is also a charity and we put a bid into Dobbies, as we have one locally, and got a grant to spend with them as well as all their end of line plants.

    Good Luck 🌻
  • Surely some species of plants would be very much better for a butterfly house than others, and wouldn't your organisation actually have a plan for that, perhaps with help or advice from a butterfly expert?

    What kind of animals does the farm have? Surely you need to grow or provide specific things for different species. I can understand growing carrots for rabbits or horses, but surely you wouldn't want things like rhubarb or onions, or certain flowers, which can be poisonous to many species of animals. I'd be interested to hear more details of what you're trying to achieve.
  • Kay8Kay8 Posts: 216
    I feel like you're being a bit obnoxious for some reason... if you're not wanting to help and just trying to be funny then don't comment. 

    I'm not going to sit and write a huge list of what we want. If I was offered rhubarb then I'd more than likely kindly decline. 

    I was hoping people would be kind and odfer things and I would make an informed decision on whether the seeds/plants would be suitable or not. 

    To be quite honest I don't like your negative attitude and it's not welcome here where I'm trying to help the farm. 

    So no need to comment anymore with your argumentative bad attitude... 
  • Kay8Kay8 Posts: 216
    I studied at university to work with animals and I have been gardening since about 6 years of age, so you're patronising isn't welcome. Thank you very much. 
  • Engaging in personal abuse and making false accusations about my motives won't help your cause, especially if you can't / won't answer reasonable questions.

    You're the one asking for freebies, so it's reasonable to be able to explain what freebies you want and where they're going to be used.

    With your knowledge as described, then why not help others to help you and be more specific. Doesn't seem fair to other people to waste their time offering you 'anything', just so you can pick and choose.

    I'm a prolific seed saver and sharer, and have made up over 200 packs of seed and given them away in the last couple of years. Both vegetables and wildlife-friendly companion plants and flowers. I can see you're in Nottinghamshire, so I might also be fairly local. But you've rather shot yourself in the foot in terms of getting any help from me.

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