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How do I get my frogs back


i recently inherited a pond and it was full of mud having not been cleaned or had a working filter for over 15 years. The pond had a lot of frogs and spawn when I cleaned it out. I waited until it had been frosty as I have been told the spawn would be less likely to survive after frost anyway and was very careful to put the spawn in buckets and look after the frogs as best I could putting them in with the mud and on the plants around the pond until I had finished cleaning out the pond. 

I have now finished, fitted a filter and pump and put a few of the plants back in however the frogs have disappeared. I put all the spawn back in but it seems to have died as when I went out the following day the spawn seemed to have sunk and disappeared also. 

I did keep the plants in pots with all the dirt/mud from the pond before to give them places to hide. I've kept rocks all over and on the shallow sides. How do I get the frogs to come back? I'm gutted, I loved hearing them croak at night. Please help! 


  • DampGardenManDampGardenMan Posts: 1,054
    If there's a hole full of water, frogs will find it. We had some lay their spawn in a wheel rut that had flooded.

    Unfortunately it's a bit late now for any more mating (at least in the south of England, can't speak for the colder bits of the country!) so (probably) no more spawn this year. But they will be back next year and your pond will fill once again. The frogs are still around, it's just that they're less obvious when they're not all piled up in the pond!
  • If you refilled  the pond with tap water it will take time for the chemicals to dissipate and that may be why the frogs have moved out. Let the air, sun and rain do its work and I am sure next year you will have frogs. Also make sure you have adequate oxygenating plants in the pond. It is recommended that nothing is planted or put in a newly filled pond for at least a fortnight unless you  replace the original water.
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