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Ikea pineapple plants - what cultivar?

marcos 114marcos 114 Posts: 24
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Ikea are selling pineapple plants - it doesn’t say anything about the cultivar, and only has the genus/species on the label. 

Is is there any way to tell from its appearance?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,974
    maybe it isn't a cultivar. It says Ananas comosus, not every plant is a cultivar

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  • In other words, wild? What I’m trying to establish is suitability to grow edible fruits. 
  • Think it may be the same as this, and therefore ‘champaca’:
  • Thanks @philippa smith2 - in fact I’ve done just that with a Costa Rican pineapple I bought from Tesco’s. However, I read that this method may take some years, whereas growing from suckers or ratoons is much faster.

    Oddly I do have a clear memory of doing this in nursery school in the late 70s, should have kept that one :smile:

    I’ll report back here sometime in 2020...
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  • marcos 114marcos 114 Posts: 24
    edited April 2018
    A few supermarkets sell these Pineapple plants in the flower section. They don’t do anything for me but assume you will need a growing light between Nov-Feb due to our poor winter sunlight? 

    The plant ant in the picture looks very healthy and green. I would guess a recent import from sunnier climes.
    They don’t do much for me either aesthetically - I hadn’t realised there was such a thing as ornamental pineapples. I’ll see how it goes propagating the head of the edible one from the supermarket.
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