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Recognise this?

Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003
Found this.....anybody recognise what it will be?

It's just that one healthy looking leaf growing sideways out of the pot.   There is more new growth at the bottom of the stem. 


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    Variegated honesty?
    'Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement' - Helen Keller
  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,431
    pansyface said:
    It’s the only thing in the photo that is out of focus.🤣
    Please could you try again?
    and include the rest of the plant

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,942
    My Under Gardener (who is really a painter) suggests that it might be a variegated ivy ... he might be right!   :o

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003
    @philippa smith2 you forgot the dog pooh scooper lol

    Leaf has straightened up. .....anyone?   Could it be a coleus?  I did plant seeds last year. .....
  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,966
    I agree with PF.
    How can you lie there and think of England
    When you don't even know who's in the team

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  • Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003
    Excellent thanks 
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,876
    health and safety alert. 
    Can you please turn your rake up the other way and put the prongs against the fence/ wall. 
    I have vivid memories of my dear late Mother standing on a rake which had been left as yours is , and it smacking her hard, right in the face.
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