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Is this frog hibernating?

In a world where you can be anything, always be kind.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,850
    edited March 2018
    The cloudy eye suggests dead or dying
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 21,135
    Aww! I agree with Nut.  They do wear themselves out in the mating frenzy so let’s hope he’s done his job and will leave future frogs.  It looks quite fat so it could be a female.
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • DampGardenManDampGardenMan Posts: 1,054
    Male frogs, in their mating frenzy, do sometimes suffocate a female by piling on top of them en masse. Maybe that's what happened here?

    Even weirder, males have (allegedly) been seen to squeeze eggs out of a dead female and then fertilise the eggs.
  • Oh that's a shame, there isn't any spawn in the pond so I'm not hopeful. Thank you for replying.
    In a world where you can be anything, always be kind.
  • It looks as if your frog has gone to froggy heaven I am afraid. The rotundness could be a build up of gas if it has been dead for a while.

    Never fear, one frog usually means others are around. Frogs hibernate in crevices and under stones not hanging suspended in water.

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