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Securing large tree fern with stakes, belting etc.

Hi there,

I have just planted a large tree fern (Dickensia) in the garden and want to know how best to secure it.

It has been cut at the base, so rootless, it has a girth of about a metre and is a bit less than two metres tall (1.9m). Have a strong stake either side, about a foot (30cm) away from the plant, so that they are in compact ground, not the planting hole.

I'm guessing belting, which can be pvc, rubber or natural materials such as hessian/jute which I'd prefer aesthetically, but maybe the give (stretchiness) in pvc or rubber is better?

Also wondering whether to simply loop round stake and plant, or would figure-of-eight using spacers be more secure.

Any advice gratefully received!

Thanks ... Simon.

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