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Privet feed

Lilybeanz🌸Lilybeanz🌸 Posts: 66
edited March 2018 in Plants
Hi all, I wanted to see what people feed privet hedge, I have read about blood fish and bone or a seaweed feed but I’m not sure which is best? The hedge is well established probably 20 years +
I have never fed it before, I only make sure it is kept trimmed however it doesn’t seem to bush out as much now and is slowly becoming slightly bare in places so any help on the best feed and also when to feed and how often would be appreciated or any other tips!

Thank you 


  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653
    I'd start with Fish, Blood & Bone now in Spring, if it needs it you can apply a watered down liquid seaweed feed later in the year (follow instructions on the label) but all Privets look a little worse for wear because of the cold winter/early spring 
  • Thank you 
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