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Chilli help!!! (A matter of chilli-life or death)!

Hi all,

My chilli seedlings need your help!

I've been growing them inside with an artificial light for several weeks now and they have been progressing reasonably well.

However, a few problems have arisen, which I don't think are connected - 

Problem 1 -

This strange collection of orange spheres has appear on one of my seedlings' soil. This is probably fungal but I thought I would ask for your expertise in this (and to check it's not a hundred tiny orange eggs!). Also, if anyone can identify the fungus - is it likely to damage the seedlings?

Problem 2 - (The BIG problem) - 

Two of my seedlings have now been destroyed. I have seen no sign of insects, and I check the seedlings all the time. However, over night, two of my seedlings have been found horizontal, with their stems significantly thinner and lighter than the night before. They're still too small to check, but the change in width and colour would suggest that something has nibbled on the stems (along with the speed at which this happens).

[Addition - I have now seen some shiny stuff near another seedling - which has also been nibbled. Are these orange spheres slug eggs? Please GOD let that not be true).

Can anybody help to save the remainder of my little seedlings?



  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150
    Looks like conditions are too warm and damp which is encouraging fungal growth.
    The skinny stemmed one has succumbed to "damping off".  More info in this link...

    The orange stuff is fungus, not slug eggs.  
    I'd recommend re-potting any survivors in fresh compost and keep them somewhere with plenty of natural daylight if you can. Not over watering and maintaining a good airflow around the plants will minimize the risk of fungal problems too.
  • Agree with @Kitty 2  about over-watering, fungal growth and 'damping off'.

    Chillies and many other plants benefit from being watered from below if possible. Put the pots in a tray or saucers of some sort and do it that way.

    If you're lucky and gently lift out the seedlings and re-pot them deeper they might survive. New roots can grow out of the stem with chillies up to the level of the seed leaves.
  • rockshow6rockshow6 Posts: 19
    Hi all

    Thanks for your advice.

    I have replanting the seedlings as advised and one of them has survived. Hopefully it'll only be a month before I can sustain them with natural light in the greenhouse. I will not water unless they are bone dry until that points.

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