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Tomatoes_Groving from seeds/Transplanting to pot or garden/Lookin after...

CeyhanCeyhan Posts: 9
I shared a couple of posts about the problems I encountered recently  during tomatoes seedling raising in problem solving section..
I would like to share my own experiences and those who responded and gave their thoughts:

First of all,I learnt from my own experience not to use sealed bags for green house effect_this causes too much humidity hence leads fungal diseases .Also having risk of "damping off" disease.
Please do not  plant too crowded ...
Provide plenty of light...(lack of light causes seedlings for being leggy).
Enough heat but not too much damp...
Finally,please join me by sharing your own experiences and tips...
Perhaps,we can continue the discussion while the seedlings develope and move on replanting caring,feeding,watering,diseas control etc..

I am also interested in the performances of different varieties in British climate and yield and taste of different varieties.

You can also add to mines above or comment on them.
Please share your experiences and this way  we will learn from each other.
Kind regards,



  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,164
    It doesn't matter that much if they are leggy as when you pot them on you can bury the stems and they will grow roots off the buried stems, which makes stronger plants.
    Dordogne and Norfolk. Clay in Dordogne, sandy in Norfolk.
  • CeyhanCeyhan Posts: 9
    Thanks for taking time and commenting Busy-Lizzie.
    Thanks for suggestions;I will do that and report back about their developments.
    By the way have you seen other posts and exchanges in the problem solving sections 2 Tomatoes collapsing &...?
    Kind regards...
  • Holly 3Holly 3 Posts: 36
    I grow mine first time this year.
    i tried Tigerella and they are in my windowsill since beg of March. They are growing a bit too well that I need to pot on as the roots are going haywire 
    I like growing them in the cardboard pots :-) 

  • RubyLeafRubyLeaf Posts: 256
    This is the first year I wont be growing all the tomatoes in the greenhouse. They always, eventually got grey mould, caused by overcrowding, but not to a crazy degree thankfully.

    I haven't really got any tips.. Aside from give beefsteak tomatoes the best position with heat as they take forever to begin ripening.
  • CeyhanCeyhan Posts: 9
    Thanks for sharing Holly 3.Your tigerellas look quite healthy.Please keep sharing their progress.Cardboard pots are good idea too.They provide minimum disturbance to the roots.Since you are using recyclable materials you are also contributing to welbeing of  environment...

    RubyLeaf I agree with you,yes  they are quite tricky to grow in this country.Limited natural light and warmth are some some of the reasons.
    In the past I tried myself too but although I had fairly good yeald their taste were not great.
    Finally,since they have stronger rootstock and fuolage the lees vigorousvarietivig can be grafted to them... 
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