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Which Greenhouse supplier?, preferably wooden and on a budget...

Currently in the process of removing a couple of dilapidated and collapsing sheds/out buildings which will leave me with a nice flat concrete slab about 12'x8'. Now as much as I would like a super fancy combination shed greenhouse costing several thousand my pockets are unfortunately not that deep. 

Im looking for a 6'x6' or 6'x8' preferably wooden greenhouse and similar sized shed to go next to it (so I can paint it to match the fence and planters). There are loads on eBay and from online places and they range from £2-300 to £6-700 but I'm wary about quality and don't want to end up with something flimsy made of low quality wood that won't disintegrate in a couple of years! 

Can anyone recomend a reputable manufacturer? Preferably one that makes a matching shed to go next to it. 



  • Bright starBright star Posts: 1,153
    Wooden ones tend to be more expensive. I have been looking at this website as I’m also wanting a wooden greenhouse and as we have a small garden it has to look good as I will be designing  the rest of the garden around it.

    I have one of their coldframes already and a friend has recently bought a greenhouse from them and it is excellent quality. The prices usually include assembly on site and lots of extras included.
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  • johnbaronjohnbaron Posts: 75
    Thanks for the recommendation, I did look at them however they are unfortunately somewhat out of my budget currently. 

    Ive been looking at Waltons and similar £5-600 ones which all seems to be dip treated 27x44mm baton and 12mm shiplap and it's hard to discern much between them and I'm wary about buying something that is worse than one of the others. 
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,501
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    I had an Alton GH which lasted 25+ years and was only replaced because the wall batten supporting it rotted away.
    I liked the concrete plinth that came with it, gave a secure base which meant it could stand on compacted soil/ gravel and save on paving flags.
  • johnbaronjohnbaron Posts: 75
    I would love a an Alton! However at £3159 for a 6x6 it's approx 4-5times my budget! 
  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150
    I often go window shopping for greenhouses online.
    All out of my budget of course... but it's nice to daydream about owning one 😊💭.

    If you're "handy" John, a good secondhand one off eBay is probably your best bet at what you're looking for, as mother goose has said "your money will go further".

  • johnbaronjohnbaron Posts: 75
    The conditions of me getting a greenhouse are that "it's not some ugly metal thing". As such a wooden one that I can paint to match the rest of the garden furniture, fences and planters is called for. 

    There's quite a lot of wooden ones out there in the £4-600 range which I'm guessing are pretty cheap and cheerful... I was just wondering if anyone knew if any of that sort of budget were worth actually buying. Such as: (Which looks very cheap)

    (Im not quite sure what makes one more premium and £200 more than the other...) 

    Or basically £1000 for one with real glass

    As I said there is a lot of very similar looking ones at a wide range of prices! 
  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,749
    Good quality timber construction and low budget are generally mutually exclusive.  With timber you really do get what you pay for.  As an example, I could have paid a lot less for our 10 x 8 shed/workshop, but the one I bought has 18mm t&g timber sides whereas most of the others had 12mm.
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,490
    A couple of ideas:

    Since you ideally want a matching shed, how about buying two wooden, self-assembly sheds from your local DIY store, balancing the quality you need/price you can afford, then adapting one into a greenhouse? To do this, batten the inside walls and ceiling of one shed with 2x2” lengths of wood -uprights and cross braces - to create a framework with square/rectangular window-shaped frames. Then cut out the ‘windows’ and glaze them - voila! You can even buy ready-made wooden opening windows to slot in, with the advantage of being able to open them for ventilation. If you do buy ready-made windows, design your openings to fit the windows rather than than the other way around. Paint or stain as required.

    Most greenhouse suppliers charge a fortune for special paint colours but you could also buy the cheapest aluminium version - still buy the best you can afford - and spray paint the alu components it to match your furniture and planters. If you can build a low-walled brick base, I always think that looks more rustic/less stark than an all aluminium greenhouse. Add a few planters around the outside and it will soon look part of your garden rather than ‘some ugly looking metal thing’ ;)
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  • Rose121Rose121 Posts: 132
    We got ours from a company called Nordic timber buildings. They're not the cheapest, but for a tanalised building with good specs they are excellent value vs the other options we came across for sunshine that would last well. 
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