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When to move broccoli seedlings

I have some broccoli seedlings which were started indoors before the last lot of snow, just when I was thinking it was going to be nice.  Then it snowed.  They got leggy so I pricked them out and planted them deeper and into bigger pots.  Since then they have sat on a cool/cold but bright north-facing windowsill in anticipation of getting them outside sometime soon.

It's gone cold again but I'm wondering whether they will suffer if I put them in the (unheated) greenhouse without any acclimatisation.  My thoughts are that once the weather starts to warm up a bit (ha ha) I can move them from the greenhouse to a cold frame and then get them outside. The forecast up here for this week is zero to 5C if we're lucky, and probably not much sun.

I had very hit and miss results last year due to fluctuations in temperature so I'm hesitant to do anything that might shock them too much, but I am conscious they need a bit more light but I don't want to put them on a warmer windowsill and have them get used to it

All thoughts welcome


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 20,967
    Here's an answer if a bit late.
    I think they will be fine in an unheated GH. Air and light will be more important to them now so that would be better than on a windowsill getting leggy. They can be sown outside from April so they don't mind a bit of chilliness.
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  • Thanks, will give it a whirl - the sun has actually sort of come out so the greenhouse might well be a good place. It's never going to be sweltering at this time of year so little chance of wilt through heat!
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