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red robin

i planted some red robin in early march 2018 and added blood fish and bonemeal now some of the leaves are turning brown and dropping off (the red flower looks healthy though) they are approx a foot high at present.
please help with advice what to do to save them.



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    If you have planted them well, making sure the planting hole is generous in size, mixing compost with surrounding soil to create a nice base for the shrub roots, you will need to be patient and wait. These shrubs retain their leaves better planted against a wall or another taller shrub/barrier. On more exposed sites, the leaves can shed.

    The weather has not been ideal for many evergreen shrubs, but they do recover and shedding leaves due to stress happens.  I recommend leaving the brown leaves for now and keep an eye on the new leaves. So long as the new leaves seem fine, you can prune off the older dried leaves in early summer. When the weather warms up more, remember to water in dry periods for the first year. Water generously directly into the root areas. Hopefully, the shrub will get stronger and put on more growth.
  • thank you for that advice. they are indeed exposed between a fence and the driveway to create a barrier and it has been cold and windy on the east coast.
  • Bagpuss57Bagpuss57 South West Posts: 256
    Last year my red robin got wind and frost damage and had lots of leaves fall and turn brown, it also fell over in the wind! I think it went into shock as they need a more sheltered site and don't tolerate windy sites well. Saying that I just left it until the summer and it started to perk up and got some lovely fresh growth so I'm sure yours will be fine too especially if you put it in a more sheltered spot. 
  • thank you claire
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