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Myrtle tree looking sad

Bagpuss57Bagpuss57 South West Posts: 256
During the wild autumn/winter weather my lovely Myrtle tree that was in a pot was blown over. It has lost most of its leaves and looks rather sad. I was thinking maybe I should plant it in the ground to give it a better chance? I think I read somewhere not to prune it though, so am not sure what to do or whether it will even survive? Do you think it will get more leaves? How should I look after it now? Any suggestions??


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    Hi Caire57, it’s quite unusual to have the shrub lose a lot of its leaves. Even if it’s fallen over. I gather this is Myrtus Communis. 

    Where do you place your pot? They need to be away from exposed areas so best against a warm wall, especially in the colder months. Although they are relatively hardy, not always true in a pot, so in extreme cold where minus temperatures are forecast for long periods, the pot and base of the plant’s roots need protection. Fleece or bubble wrapping the pot. Have you done any of this over the winter months?

    Myrtle can be pruned and shaped, so you can prune them now if you feel the tips are damaged or the shrub/tree has grown too big. If you decide to plant it in the ground, make sure the area is in a protected spot and facing south if possible. Soil needs to be free draining too. 
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