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We have been removing ivy which covered a wall all the way down one side of our garden, which is the wall of the neighbour's garage.  The ivy was also covering the roof of the garage on our side.  It took us 2/3 days and about 30 something black refuse sacks to get rid of it.  Unfortunately, the roots we cannot remove!  They have twisted and knotted themselves along the ground and also underneath the eaves. In some places there are 2-3inch diameter knuckles of root, all fast against the wall and in the ground.  We have managed to remove eveything else inbetween, hence the black sacks.  I would be grateful if anyone can offer any suggestion as to how we could get rid of the roots.  Someone suggested a very strong chemical, but since we have a pet dog. I would be concerned about that. Many thanks


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    We managed to dig our huge ivy roots out, but it did take a great deal of effort, mainly by my heroic Under Gardener image.  There were some little pieces of root left - we ensured that they had no leaves, and every time some leaves appeared we bruised them and then sprayed them with SBK Brushwood killer.  After 18 months we've almost got it beaten image 

    We don't have a dog in this garden, although we have one that visits, as do the neighbours' cats and lots of birds and hedgehogs.  None have come to any harm from the SBK.  

    You don't have to spray it indiscriminately - just target any leaves.  They will die - ivy cannot live if they cannot carry out photosynthesis and they can't do that if you kill off the leaves.  You must spray every time you see fresh leaves, bruise them first so they soak up the liquid.   When the plant has died the little adventitious roots that cling and help the ivy climb will eventually rot off the vine and you'll be able to pull the thick stems away from the wall and dig and wrestle the roots out of the soil.


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    Not sure about SBK but there are products that you can inject into the stump. SBK could be one of them. Then there's nothing that can be licked, eaten or otherwise damage anyone

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