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Pleached hornbeam


I am about to plant two 10m lines of feathered hornbeam against two lines of a fence to create an avenue, which I will pleach in time. Having never done this before I wondering how far to plant them from the fence? The back of the house will look into the avenue and whilst I don’t want to look at the back of the pleach (fence side), I am conscious I’ll need to get down the back side to pleach them and hedge them yearly. Any rules or advice on this? 

Many thanks



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    It all depend on how thick you want to grow your shrubs. But I recommend you leave at least 2 feet from the back fence when planting. Allows depth for behind and of course the front. This is based on space saving for your garden. If you have more free space, 3 feet or more from the fence should be fine. 
  • AjenickAjenick Posts: 4
    Great, thank you! 
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