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Manure mulching after applying weedkiller

Hi there
As per Monty's 'Weekend Gardener' I have applied glysophate weed killer to my new garden where I want to make my cottage garden flower/veg beds. How long do I need to wait before applying a thick layer of manure? Monty says this will decompose on top of the dead grass.

Should I wait a few weeks before the glysophate has done it's bit? I have bags of manure waiting in the wings, and I imagine this is a good time of year to apply it...I'm basically rather impatient!

many thanks....I'm new to this gardening lark!


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,846
    You need to allow 2 weeks for the active ingredients to be absorbed down to the roots and kill the plant.  With persistent perennial weeds you may need a second application as new shoots appear from scraps of root that survive.

    Wait two weeks and then apply a very thick mulch to cut all light to any surviving weed seeds and then keep an eye out for unwanted weeds coming back and either dig out or re-apply glyphosate to their foliage with a brush to avoid harming any treasures you plant.
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