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    all loaded by the time I'd finished reading the text.
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    at work, just tested 88 mbps download speed and yet all load very slow...quite odd.   they load from top to bottom of the image, which is also odd, JPG compression usually doesn't work like that.
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    I think some people have forgotten, that several people left the forum after the last reorganisation, due to the difficulty in loading pictures that were deemed too large.
    Other sites that I am familiar with do not limit the size of pictures I upload.
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    I'm inclined to agree, Stuart.

    Topbird said:
    Me too.

    Those wanting to upload pictures can make the choice whether or not to resize images. Those of us unable to access faster broadband have no choice at all in the matter.

    I think the current setup discriminates against those cursed with low broadband speeds. Since bigger files look the same as smaller ones on most monitors, a file size limit is a no brainer. Those who want to upload pics will soon learn how to reduce their size.

    I would quote myself from the first page but I'm afriad of losing the whole lot. 

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,236
    We can't introduce an automatic file resizer, so you have a choice between having a larger file size limit (which means slower page loading times for those with slower internet speeds), or a lower file size limit (which means those with large files will have to resize them externally). 

    Surely option two makes sense as adjustments can be made, whereas with option one people with slow internet have no choice but to lump it.
    I have abstained as my vote may disadvantage others.
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    I guess we can't pls everyone - either will not everyone will be able to see pics or others will get the grump at having to resize images. Is there an automatic resizing function as part of the website back end, adjusting between posting and publishing?
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    My point is that by some people choosing not to resize images, those who have to endure slower broadband are being denied full access to the forum.
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    All had loaded fast here.
  • Bromley, KentPosts: 127
    Phones are now able to take pictures you could blow up to street poster size, and they're getting bigger.........
    If people leave the forum because they're not allowed to upload huge pictures, so be it. Topbird is right, uploaders have a choice, those with slow broadband don't. 
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    All images also loaded ok for me, it was a bit slow over WiFi but was able to read the information again before it loaded. 
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