Image size test - please take part!



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    My fingers aren't great.  Swiping may be easier than pressing/clicking about.
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    Just tried the test again on my android phone : the 4 photos loaded in two minutes first time but much more quickly the second time - just 10-20 seconds. It seems the device just has to learn the process before it can perform it quickly. 
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    The large photo file size also affects anybody accessing the forum from a non-mobile device (ie laptop or desktop) if their home broadband / phone package has a data cap. 

    Many people cannot afford to buy a home broadband package which allows them to download an unlimited amount of data each month. I think some of the SKY & BT basic packages have a very low data cap - perhaps only 10Gb per month. Regularly looking at some of the large-image threads would soon eat into that.
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    Thanks everybody for taking part! I'll now close this thread to further comments, and I'll be in touch with you soon with news.
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