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Curved lawn /do I mirror design

following on from other thread about doing curved lawn 
I’ve been playing about on paper with curved designs ,on one side and top of garden ,now for other side of lawn will I best be doing random curve opposite the other side or mirror the other side the same 


  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,100
    Hi Amberspy
    I would say yes as it will give your lawn shape balance. I have a curved lawn at the top of my garden that is shaped in a number 8 design that basically is 2 different sized circle lawns. The smaller curved at the top cuts in to the larger circle at the bottom forming a solid 8. This design does give you a lot of options for planting area's and suits my garden shape in that part of my garden as the width at the top is smaller that the width at the bottom 
    Hope it works out ok 

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