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Bought a 12 room wooden birdhouse online.  Put it on top of a 12 ft 4x4 and atached and cemented bottom, then painted it white with Thompson's water seal white color.  Put it with 6 rooms facing out, the other 6 are about 6 feet from the facing the garage (close), there appear to be some sparrows starting to build nest in the fron 6, but not to aggresive in doing this, only come once in a while, but do not see any birds nesting to the rooms facing the garage.  What is going on, should I dig it up and move i to a more open space?  Thanks


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,197
    It might be because the prevailing wind/rain is driving from that side ...?   Or because that side is the side which will get the most sun and therefore overheat in the summer ... don't want baked eggs or cooked nestlings.  Some of the bought birdhouses are very attractive but they're not always exactly what the birds see as a desirable nest site.   

    I'd definitely leave it as it is as the sparrows have started to build and apart from not wanting to disturb them, it would be illegal. 
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