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Hiya guys can some one tell what compost do i need to plant  clematis into a large patio pot please


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 64,443
    I would use John Innes No 3 with some added leafmould or a bit of garden compost just to lighten it a bit.   Probably 4 parts JI3 to 1 part leafmould/compost.  

    Plant them nice a deep ... deeper than they are in the pot when you buy them.  Then you'll get lots of lovely shoots from below ground  :)
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  • Most important ingredient.............H2O
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 7,049
    To save starting another thread, l thought I'd use this one, hope that's ok.  I bought a clematis from a well known supermarket in a small pot for the princely sum of £2.50. I want to plant it in a large pot with an obelisk at least for the foreseeable future. Not sure what to do for the best, pot it straight in and let it establish itself, or pot it on into a slightly larger pot ? Any advice please ? Many thanks  :)  
  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 2,114
    I would go for a slightly larger pot and work up to your container. I too have bought clematis like this and they do very well!
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 7,049
    Thanks Posy, l will do that - just as soon as it stops raining !
  • AnniD, in the genus clematis there are over 300 species and 1000's of hybrids and cultivars, height ranging from 30 cms to 30 metres at maturity.  It is important that you research the name of this clematis you bought, then, assuming it is correctly labelled, take steps to grow it in conditions where it will thrive.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 7,049
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    Thanks Richard  :)
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