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Brachyglottis (Dunedin Group) 'Sunshine' - Cutting it back and moving it now.

Hi,  I wonder if you can help.  I have a Brachyglottis which has become very woody and  more importantly I would like to move.  I now one should prune it after its flowered, however I would like to move it now.  So my question is , I can I prune it back to at least half of its current size before I move it?  I’m not overly concerned that by cutting it now I will lose flowing this year.  

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks David


  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150
    Hi David. I've never done it, but was reading up on this over the weekend as I have a couple of small plants (grown from cuttings) that are getting a bit leggy.
    It seems that they can cope well with a hard prune and should bounce back with fresh new growth.

    I like the foliage...not the flowers.
  • Thanks Kitty2
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  • Thanks Freddie Dad.
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