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Poorly bamboos

I bought a couple of clumping bamboos last year (green dragon & Asian wonder) and planted the in ground in their original pots to avoid them spreading too much.

Problem now is that they hardly grown at all and look pretty sad and withered.  What should I do to revive them?  I considered digging up and potting on/composting then replanting and also planting in the ground with a barrier.  Not sure what to do for the best.


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  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,325
    Hi Kirstan,
    clumping bamboos (I think your two are fargesias, so definitely non-spreading) are by nature non-invasive so unless they are planted in a very restricted space that directly impacts on other plants you shouldn’t have any problems planting straight into the ground and I am sure they will do much better. I don’t know much about the best place to plant them - soil type, sun, shade, shelter etc., or their care requirements so bow to FD and others on that one. I inherited some of the invasive type and they are a nightmare!
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