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Help With New Bush Premature Growth Shoots Please?

 I bought a new mock Orange bush yesterday in a box, (bare root). Unfortunately due to being left indoors for too long it had already begun sprouting and the shoots were long and spindly, I am sure you have all seen such before.

I tried to find a solution online with a view to trimming those shoots back. I didn't know whether or not doing that would harm the growth of the bush. In the end I decided to trim them as the picture shows. Does anyone know what the outcome of this is likely to be? or have any ideas how to help the bush progress from this point. I live in East London.

Thanks for reading.


  • B3B3 Posts: 25,209
    Why do you want to trim them back? They should green up when they've had a bit of light.
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  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,695
    It will probably encourage the shrub to make new growth from the bottom. What it really needs now is to be hardened off in a sheltered spot outside for a week then planted.
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  • bjazz28bjazz28 Posts: 67
    Hi B3,
    Good question, only because that premature spindly growth looked ugly as often the space between each leaf set is longer than it would naturally be because of the speed of such growth, which it was in this case. So I thought if I could trim it back harden it off and let it grow naturally then it would look more attractive as it should. 
    Thanks Busy Lizzie what you suggest is what I am now trying to do.

    Thank you both.
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