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    In reply to Peter's question " Are you still having problems with your John Deere X950R?"

    Hi Peter,

    Yes I am. I have been advised by the local John Deere agent that John Deere have now issued another rectification kit which, by the time it's fitted, will cost circa £500 so I am going to be writing to John Deere to ask them why I have to buy another rectification kit just to make what is already a very expensive mower, actually mow the grass.

    I also have a Ransomes Parkway 2250 which now that I have got the grass short again I am using so will not need to use the John Deere again until next year. In order to get the initial long grass off this year I eventually gave up with the John Deere and I ended up mowing it with the Ransomes, letting it die back and then collecting it with the John Deere. Consequently, the John Deere is really an expensive grass collector. I am not at all impressed with what is supposed to be a commercial machine. It took me 61 hours to mow 6 acres and get it back in control so that I can now mow the whole lot with the Ransomes in 2.5 hours.


    Richard Everett
  • Hi Richard,
    So sorry to hear of your continuing problems, which leave me mystified, as we are still delighted with our John Deere.
    My reason for contacting you again was primarily to appraise you of the fact that some X950R's were recalled by John Deere for modification to the grass cutting apparatus; apparently all the drive mechanism required changing to beef it up. We discovered this by accident and it was sorted at J D's expense. I dread to think how much this major job would have cost us. Now that you have mentioned that JD have ' issued another rectification kit' you have me worried; can I ask you, what was the first rectification and what was the second?
    I have further questions for you ;
    Are the blades fitted correctly? they are contra-rotating so each one is different and must be fitted on the correct side. Ours were fitted on the wrong sides and we experienced exactly problems like yours. The blades should also be fitted at 90 degrees to each other.
    Are you cutting on full throttle?
    Have you had the machine tested by an expert?
    To save you further possible heartache I'll relate what happened to me recently; as I use the tractor to tow a trailer I drove it onto my large veggie patch which was waterlogged under the surface due to two thunderstorms a few days previous. It sunk up to it's axels with soggy clay into the cutting deck. It took me two days of hard slog to dig it out.
    I think you should press John Deere to pay for rectification, clearly, you should not be expected to pay for their ? design faults.

    Keep in touch, perhaps we can help each other.


  • sihatleysihatley Posts: 4
    Not happy 14 hours on the clock. No warning of over heating on dashboard - temperature gauge remained at the first bar on the scale. First signs of overheating was the steam! Radiator dust guard was cleaned at startup. Manual states cutting deck and engine should switch off in the event of over heating - this did not happen. Previous mower was an Iseki and never had any problems. I know it's hot outside right now but this is ridiculous.
  • Sorry to hear your problem but surely with such low working hours it must be under guaranty, so get your supplier to sort it. It's probably a small electrical problem. My JD X950R has twice had overheating problems, but both times it was my fault for allowing the rad filter to block with dust. Each time the motor cut out when the temp approached red on the gauge. As soon as I cleaned the filter I was able to start the motor and continue working. I am still delighted with the mower.
  • I'm interested to know why it's necessary to cut six acres anyway. Must be some more wildlife friendly ways of handling a garden that big (or else get a local farmer in if it's a once-a-year cut).
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