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Laurel help please


I cut back my laurel tree last year, possibly too much, but it hasn’t been growing back at all and I think I’ve got a disease/bug affecting the leaves. I’ve attached some photos. If anyone is able to help me work this out and come up with a solution I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you, Kirsty


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    Give it time, new leaves will eventually start forming when it gets warmer. It looks like some kind of bacterial shot hole infection. Seen quite often when the shrub is stressed but very hard to remedy on a really mature shrub. Feed your shrub and avoid pruning it for now. See how it responds in late spring. Usually, they will ride it out. 
  • Thank you Borderline! When you say ‘feed your shrub’...what should that entail?! I’m new to gardening bigger plants!
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    The shrub is very mature, I recommend raking over the base of your plant to loosen the top layer of soil and then lay a very thick layer of compost or manure, both available in most shops. You can also add some Fish, Blood and Bone plant food over that and rake in, but not necessary. But it's a good all-rounder for your garden plants.

    Be patient, the shrub will take a while to grow back to strength. 
  • That is great. Thanks so much for your help  :) 
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