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Steps to take for rejuvenating my lawn in Spring?

I hope it's not too late as I really want to do this right. I'm a bit disappointed with the condition of the lawn especially as it was brand new turf this time last year. I did start a thread last year with similar issues but this time it's more of to get a better understanding of Spring chores and solutions.

My lawn may look reasonably green from a distance at the moment but when it's cut, I know it will look quite yellow instead. Also, it has thinned quite a bit and I fear that if I don't do it right this year then having the new turf will be all for nothing. I don't think it matters how wet it gets, it won't go any greener.

I've had a decent read of what to do during the Spring but I'm not sure about the order and time frame.

I don't think I have any issue with moss but get a few weeds here and there.
I know it's a good time to feed the lawn and possibly include a weed killer.
I also know it's the time to start mowing the lawn by just cutting off a third to start with.
Finally I know over seeding can be done which I'm keen to do.

If you would be kind enough to break it down for me with the order of things and any recommendations such as the type of feeding. I know where to get the grass seeds from but is this to be done before, along with or after feeding and how long to leave it between other tasks etc.

Please see my photos and see if you can recommend any specific course action that will bring out the best of my lawn. Would it be necessary to go round the whole lawn with a pitch fork to aerate it first?

I'll keep digging (excuse the pun) to get a better understanding but I'm mainly scratching my head with the order of steps and time-frame.

Thanks very much and hope you can help.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    There is nothing seriously wrong with your lawn. You just need to give it a light rake to pick up all the dead thatch that has built up between your grass. It's this stuff that gives the lawn a lighter appearance. By raking up between the grass blades, you are allowing air and water to get right down to the roots. Consider spiking the lawn at intervals too. This will allow water to travel further down. Some people will brush sand down which you can buy from your garden centre, but it's not compulsory.

    Then, think about feeding. There are plenty to choose from. The DIY merchants to garden centres and even supermarkets. It's still early yet, and it's important to act on your local weather rather then being told. It's never wise to rake or walk all over very wet grass. Wait for some consistent warmer temperatures and make sure it's quite dry, then you can start.
  • AlchemistAlchemist Posts: 267
    Second borderlines view. To add, give a dose of ferrous sulphate. I always find this helps to green up the lawn nicely. I spread it freely with hand. About a handful every m*m should do. I don’t bother too much about weighing etc., as have found twice this amount doesn’t kill your grass.  Also take a look at lawnsmith website, which has a LOT of advice.
  • Gn0meGn0me Posts: 75
    Thank you very much for that advice.
    Would there be any harm if I did some over feeding?
    If that's okay, how does that fit in with feeding e.g. Do it at the same time?
    Thanks again.
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