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I live in Bangladesh.i have collected few seeds of this flowering plant in 2014. only 1 germinate. I keep in medium size pot. It was almost dying few weeks before but again leaves came out. I decide to put in large pot now. Parent tree is now about 12 feet height. I never saw flower without Bees.Very sweet smell. But do not know its name. If some one can give me local name, then i can try to find rest from internet. Thanks to all.


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    most, but not all, the forum users are based in UK. 
    I guess most have never seen this plant. If you do find a name, can you tell us please? It's beautiful.
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    Finally get information  from local source. Here is a short information. Other details available if you search google with word"Gustavia augusta". Common Names are :
    Gustavia augusta, majestic heaven lotus, stinkwood
    I any information incorrect please mention here.

    Kingdom:    Plantae
    (unranked):    Angiosperms
    (unranked):    Eudicots
    (unranked):    Asterids
    Order:    Ericales
    Family:    Lecythidaceae
    Genus:    Gustavia
    Species:    G. fosteri

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,877
    I've just googled it. The seed pods are stunning.
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    Thank you so much for coming back to us and sharing the information.   :)

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