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I have many beautiful and healthy ferns ,but they are getting far too big.Can I cut them back ? 
If I can when would be the best time.I do cut off dead leaves but I wouldn’t want damage healthy growth .  Thank you .
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  • pbffpbff Posts: 433
    Hi @Ruby12,
    Ferns that have formed large, mature crowns may be divided.
    The crowns are teased apart with two back-to-back forks (watch your knuckles!) and replanted. You can always pot up some of the divisions and keep them to grow or give away.

  • StevedaylillyStevedaylilly Posts: 1,076
    Hi Ruby 
    I cut all my ferns back about now 
    As for dividing, then again unless it goes extremely cold again. I use a pruning saw to cut throught or a small boader shovel as they are very tought plants 
  • Ruby12Ruby12 Posts: 2,193
    Thank you both for your input. I will cut,back and devide.
    Can some one tell me if I can put shrubs where ferns have been . Do I need to dig compost into soil ?
     Occasional flights into reality. B) 
  • DampGardenManDampGardenMan Posts: 1,057
    I don't think ferns are greedy feeders (we have them growing in brick work and on tree trunks) but a bit of compost and some blood-fish-n-bone can't hurt for the next occupant.

    Ferns can struggle to restablish their very fine roots, so give them a little tlc. Now is about the right time, assuming we don't get a third Beast-from-the-East.
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