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my name is Coral, I lost my Mum last year and to remember her I have done a memorial garden (in my own garden) for her. Amongst the pants I have two Mexican orange blossom plants, one is thriving and the other looks gaunt with hardly any leaves, I really want to save this plant as my garden means so much to me, please help anyone, Iv got to save it!!

                                                            Thanks Coral


  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Hi Coral image Such a lovely thing to have done to remember your mum. Can understand why you don't want to lose it.

    Do the 2 plants have different growing conditions? One getting more or less sun than the other? Is there any damage that you haven't noticed near the base of the sickly one? How big is it? Could you dig it up to check roots? 

    If none of the above helps you may just have a sickly plant and have to replace it image

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