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Anyone used a paint sprayer I have got a large expanse of fence to paint -I hate painting fences and want to do it quicker and easier!


  • LeadFarmerLeadFarmer Posts: 877
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    Ive used one of those Cuprinol/Ronseal fence sprayers with success. Once you've got the spray adjusted correctly they make quick work of painting fence panels, though its usually still best to have a brush to hand to brush in any overspray etc.

    The problem comes when cleaning it out. There was a small filter in the nozzle of mine that easily clogged up. I had to spend a bit of time ensuring it was thoroughly cleaned dafter each use so that paint didn't dry inside the tube and nozzle etc. I made the mistake of lending it out to friends who didn't clean it properly afterwards and I ended up having to throw it away.

    Best to try and do as many fence panels as possible in one go to save the number of times you have to strip and clean it afterwards.
  • raisingirlraisingirl East Devon, on the Edge of Exmoor.Posts: 3,843
    Yes - they are easy enough to use. Just beware how much overspray you'll probably get (doing the prep of covering, taping and masking anything you DON'T want painted takes longer than the painting, but is time worth investing). And also that you may need to thin the paint to get it to run through the sprayer without clogging, so you may need to do more coats than you would if you weren't spraying in order to get the same amount of paint on the fence.
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    Friendly word of warning :)

    Be very, very aware of what else is around when you're spraying and don't do it if it's even slightly breezy unless you are a long way from anything else. A friend's son kindly sprayed her fence one year. Unfortunately, there was a light breeze and a neighbour's white car parked about 20m away also received a very fine coating. Same would happen to windows, rendered walls / paths etc etc.

    I have used a Cuprinol sprayer but also found that you have to invest quite some time cleaning it properly afterwards - which is not always a high priority after a morning's work.
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  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,978
    And beware of the spray that could go through to your neighbours garden depending on what type of fence you have.
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  • Brilliant thanks for the replies there is nothing near the fence that I can paint so all systems go

  • JeanRJeanR Posts: 16
    Another vote for Cuprinol sprayer. It is easy to use and apply.
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