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Baby Toms

Hi all , not sure what happened there ! the photo is my 5 day old sungold , just after some advice on where to put them . Yesterday they were on the sill with very strong sun on them all day is that good ? or shall I give them small doses of sun/heat and when I pot them on do I pot them in seed compost or normal compost


  • BLTBLT Posts: 525
    I have to say I am not growing sun gold this year, but the care for cherry types and the larger varieties is basically the same. There was no photo so give us an idea how tall they are now please..
     I have some in my greenhouse of the Gardeners Delight vadiety which are about 3 inches high now.. I have another two batches ready to be pricked out. They germinated in the lounge by my patio doors. In a south facing aspect and they seem to be ok so far.. I will not be putting them in my cold greenhouse until they are about 2 inches tall..  Good luck with your Sungolds..
  •  HI BLT here's the first photo from a week ago and today potted on . Sorry photos are massive ! will try harder in future
  • I potted some on with John Innes seed growing compost and some with all purpose compost , I assume the ones in all purpose comp will grow faster , then again .. I av'nt got a clue what i'm doing

  • Torg22Torg22 Posts: 302
    I think they will like the sun. Without it they will go all spindly. I had a similar set up in my lounge a couple years back and all the tomatos grew into healthy plants that produced lots of fruit. Only problem being that they grow fast and they will be large before the last frost and being able to plonk outside (without the aid of a greenhouse) 
  • Torg it's a pain innit ? windowsills will be full of plants . Wonder what the minimum temps is to put out in a makeshift cold frame then take them in at night , not yet obvs but in a month or so , guessing it's about 15*- 18* ?

  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,941
    Strong sun all day is good, as long as they are not getting too hot (e.g. over a heater, or trapped in by a thick curtain).  You might consider a grow light of some sort.. I am trying one for my cherry tomatoes this year.  Just a $17 LED grow bulb and a standard hanging light fixture plugged into a timer switch.. nothing too fancy.  You should be fine if you do get plenty of sun.. also consider putting a bit of foil behind the plants to reflect light back from the other side, which will help them grow straighter instead of reaching towards the sun.  Rotating them daily helps too.

    Plant them deeper each time you pot on (which it looks like you did, in the images).
    Utah, USA.
  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
    Well, I don't have any tom seedlings as the trays fell off my bookcases in the night and emptied all over my router, phone, curtains, wall and sofa. Oh sweet delight. Soggy, muddy, seedy router. Decor in natural tones.
  • Oh no ! yuk ! want some of mine ?

  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
    Thanks :) I have ordered some more seeds. Yuk, indeed. But my own fault.
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