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    Went back and saw it Kitty. I made the mistake of looking after the name and not the number of posts. When I hovered my cursor over the star it said Level 1 so I'm none the wiser  :D
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    Ah Joyce.  A little sadness today and some fond memories too I'm sure.  xx. 
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    Slow cookers are fab! Wouldn't be without mine.
    Image result for slow cooker images free
    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
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    Glad that the sun was shining for you today Joyce xx.
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    I love slow cookers .Throw everything in and leave it all day . Works for me .
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    Joyce, sun shone on your day, and hopefully on your memories too.
    Kitty...found refresh did I miss that, eh?
    Dunno what that star thing is....might need to go ask Nora.  I hadn't noticed it before.
    F'edge, fairy doors at [email protected]#$/n but a bit pricier than the £1 bargain!

    Am sitting here with woolly hat on.  It's still freezing cold.  Weather forecast into April is utter rubbish.  More winds, light rain, sleet.......please can someone change it before I start screaming? 😠

    Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland 🌞  
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    Joyce - I hope you've had a lovely day in the garden and you enjoyed the sunshine - there's a bit of warmth in it if you can get out of the breeze isn't there?

    MU and Pansy - sorry - I got distracted earlier being called for my lunch. Meant to wish you both well with the aches and pains - horrid when you hurt every time you move.

    I can't see stars after anyone's name - 😢. 

    Have just found out that my elderly neighbour (the one with the cat who likes to come visit) has run out of LPG and has had no heating or hot water since Saturday. They have a big gas tank which is monitored remotely by Calor Gas and should be automatically topped up when the level gets to around 25%.

    Her daughter lives in the main house and she is in the granny annex. In the main house she has had access to their log burner and water heated by immersion - but she doesn't like to keep popping in for a warm up and shower. Have told her to come here whenever she wants - but Calor are talking about a 10 day delay before delivery - that's a long time for someone of her years and state of health to be without heating.

    I think I have persuaded the daughter to ring Calor and play on the 'elderly / infirm mother' theme - it is their fault and if she's not a 'priority case' I don't know what is!

    Heaven is ... sitting in the garden with a G&T and a cat while watching the sun go down
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    LB.  😀😀😀😀.  Do you like my new word for you today ?  

    RUBY. T'was you then Ruby. 😊  Great invention aren't they.  

    Why cant we have the 'go to latest post'  back instead of scrolling down all the time, and get rid of the empty posting box at the end of every page. 

    MU.  I'm with you there.  It's bordering on madness.  Let's all go into the cubbyhole and SCREAM !!!!!   

    A bit of light relief before tea time.   What are these ? 

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    Time for a quick wash
     Occasional flights into reality. B) 
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