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    Now i've just found post from LB that wasn't there......this is just plain daft.  Everything out of kilter and it's so easy to miss posts....often they simply aren't there when you scroll back, but magically appear if you leave Rez then come back in a nano-second later.  By which time you've posted something that has become completely irrelevant.  
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    There clearly is a timing issue with posts. If other people are writing at the same time as you, you don't see their posts until after the whole page has been refreshed. I'm tending to force my 'puter to do that more often on this forum. (I just press the 'Refresh' button in the address bar).

    It's much more noticeable on this thread because we're constantly gabbing away :)
    Heaven is ... sitting in the garden with a G&T and a cat while watching the sun go down
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    Haha RB, I do seem to be a bit nocturnal lately 🙄😉 Although I have posted during the day at times and don't seem to be 'seen' ........that's why I asked MU, thought I'd wafted off your cubbyhole😞😟
    Glad you can see me MU 🤗🤗
    Hazel.....yes it came back slightly yesterday and I woke up with a sore throat. Hope it's not as bad as last time😣
    I love my slow cooker. Do have some gadgets that  never or hardly use, but this one is a keeper.

    Wish they'd get rid of the box at the bottom of every that's got something to do with disappearing posts. Still can't see signatures!
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    Am still seeing you Lily!  Ask Nora about signatures, see if she can advise. 😉

    T'bird, I reckon you're right, we constantly need to 'refresh'.  No idea how to do it on a Tablet, will do some research.  It's damned annoying but yes, you're right, too much dollopping for it to keep up with us!

    Had a quick look in greenhouse.  Nahthing!  A few weedy-looking Cosmos seedlings poking up, but absolutely nothing else.
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    Been out and filled three large containers with compost .Thats fifty litres used.It goes nowhere does it?Came back in because I couldn’t feel my toes.
    For fairy house I have gathered ===== Lino tiles,wall tiles ,cardboard ,flat green wrapping tape,buttons ,some off  cuts of wood,fibre matting , OH art paint, glue ,oh and I spent two pound fifty on some coloured stones.

    Love the word Apricity ,never heard that one before.
    I have had posts go and return and go again . I thought it was me !
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    Have asked Nora......she said she'd wait until someone else says they can't see them 😔😭
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    Hazel ,he is the sweetest cat ,but when I groom him the loose fur floats and deposits strands all over the house.They get in your mouth when you inhale .
    I would t be without him though.
     Occasional flights into reality. B) 
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    Finished potting on 🌱🌱🌱 now warming my hands on a nice cuppa ☕.  It's a biting wind out there but lovely bright sunshine, found the inside of the plastic greenhouse was surprisingly warm despite all the holes in it.

    I'm hitting the refresh button more now too Topbird. 
    MU, it's the circle with an arrow in the GW address bar at the top of the page. 

    I have mentioned the signature thing to you a couple of times @star gaze lily, you must have missed it.
    I had the same problem on the beta. 
    Tap the three dots in the GW address bar at the top of the page and a menu should appear. Then see if there's the option to switch to "desktop view".
    It could be that you are switched to "mobile view". It's very easy to switch back and forth once you've mastered it 😃.

    Does anyone know what the star appearing at the end of some peoples name is for?  I spotted it in hogweeds cat thread. Summat new to bamboozle us no doubt.

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