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Freesia questions

I have been looking at summer bulbs for cut flowers and like the idea of growing freesia as the are so pretty and fragrant. Looking at various websites it looks like they are usually specially heat treated before being sold to mimic native conditions.  Does this mean I would need to replant freshly bought corms every year? (I'm in the south west)
Also Sarah Raven states that freesias always need support.  What kind of support do you use if you grow freesia? I've seen groups of plants simply tied up with string but am wondering if anyone has any alternative methods.


  • DimWitDimWit Posts: 553
    Some people in cool climates have problems in growing freesia bulbs next time. You're in the warmest area of UK, though, that may help. You have to start the bulbs in May, and only pull them up once the leaves have gone mostly yellow. They flower in 10 - 12
    I'm very rustic in my staking, but the trick is to place the corms quite close to each other, and you could encircle the clump with a piece of net. Unless you want the flowers to droop down a window box...
  • Thanks for your help.  I think I will try them this year in.  I was looking at the jam jars thread and really want plenty of flowers for cutting this year.
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