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Brand new kitchen garden...

A customer has asked me for a kitchen garden (around 1/2 acre) in a field next to their house. The field was previously permanent grass pasture. A local farmer has ploughed the field for them, unfortunately he didn't do a great job and there is still a lot of rubbish showing.
The only way I can see to get a good seed bed would be to rotavate the field, would you agree or does anyone have any other ideas?


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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    Half an acre is a huge vegetable garden! Might be worth it to get the farmer to harrow it. That will at least level it. 
    Just a thought that as the first year will be busy putting in the structure like paths, hedging etc, it would be sensible to buy in the more common plants. That would give you the time to prepare areas for seed beds for the following year. Or grow things in modules as suggested (have they got a greenhouse?) and then plant out. 
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