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Disclaimer: I have just moved into our own house and who knows that you don't think a lot about garden design when you're renting! Well, I didn't and so I don't really know what I'm doing wehn I'm trying to design my garden but I want to design it right so we don't have to pull things out and replant and waste money in the process. My husband and I are trying to decide on what to do with our front garden but we've only got a narrow garden bed (0.6m in depth, 7.4m long). I'm not super keen on hedging and love the look of conifers but am reluctant because we're not sure if our garden bed will accommodate them. Hubby doesn't want anything overly tall so I was considering the Cupressus Macrocarpa Golden Pillar... I've been trying to research to clarify things but am finding I'm only getting more confuse. Any advice from people with experience with Conifers or any suggestions? 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Unless I'm mis-reading, your front bed sounds very narrow. Just over half a meter in depth? If so, I think your choice would not be ideal. What about growing an evergreen climber against the fence/wall? That would be less of a hedge and possibly more suitable for the bed size.
  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    That particular tree will grow to 30+ feet and around 5-6 feet wide - so not really suitable for your space. Is it a hedge you are looking for, or just conifers, or just something to fill that border? Are you looking for height? What type of soil do you have and how sunny is the border? 
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  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,622
    Yes, as hogweed says would be handy to know aspect and soil type, but what about the "Juniper Skyrocket", I have grown that in small spaces.
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