Delivery charges.

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Please forgive me if I have a moan. I want to treat myself  to a nice new plant: for me, that means spending a fiver, I'm not rich. If I can't buy locally I have to add a delivery surcharge taking my order up by between £8 and £20. But I am not, as you might think, in Western Australia, I'm in the Isle of Wight. If I stand on a hill I can see Portsmouth, it isn't very far. So it's £25 for one 9cm potted plant. Thank you. I feel a little better for a grumble.


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    Grumble away Posy!
    I am on the Island as well.All the big couriers come here at no extra cost so I don't see why companies can't use them.
    Royal Mail and Parcelforce are also the same cost as the mainland.
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    I live just outside Edinburgh at the end of the M876. Perhaps not at the centre of a giant conurbation but certainly not out in the sticks. An English delivery company classed me as 'Highlands and Islands'!! and wanted to charge me £40 extra!!
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    Thank you MP! Crikey, Hogweed, how do they justify that? I don't know Edinburgh well but it certainly wasn't in the Highlands last time I looked. Do the words 'rip off' come to mind?
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    When I lived in Greenock ( 26 miles from Glasgow ) and went to college in Kent, they classed me as " an overseas student" I did ask which sea I had to cross between Scotland and England, but never got an answer.
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    I'm in the channel islands 13 miles from the French coast. According to some companies charges you'ed think I was in Siberia  :( 

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    Yes I often find myself cautioning people about delivery charges when they tell me everything is cheaper on the internet. If you don't have the option to go to a GC or nursery then I guess you have to swallow it. The only other way I know is to save up your purchases, as sometimes delivery is free if you buy over a certain amount.
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    Or maybe if people who live in an area could club together to make an order and split the carriage?
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    Some postal charges for delivery of plants is rediculous. I live in Birmingham and one, so called, reputable online supplier wanted to charge me £12 for the supply of 4 plants potted up in 9cm pots. Obviously, it's in to the individual to decide whether they want to pay such a charge 
    I contacted the supplier and asked the simple question why the charge was so high for the supply of 4 small plants. They said they would contact me back , but never did, so they never got the order from me 
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    Convexly, if I am buying a lot of plants I wouldn't really notice 4-7£ delivery charges but on a few plants, it really annoys me. 
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