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yellow leaves on seedlings - advice needed

Hi all,

Please see below photos.   You'll note yellow leaf margins on the newest delphinium leaves, and also some similar issues with a chrysanthemum and several petunia seedlings.

They were potted on into good quality compost, and as far as i'm aware, i haven't been overwatering.   I tried to spray the petunias with a foliar solution of 'formulex' in order to fertilise, though this has had no impact.    I've read that young seedlings don't require any additional fertiliser anyhow until a lot bigger, and that the new compost should keep them well fed anyhow.

Hope to get some good advice here.     They are being raised under grow lights (although in a fairly dull room with only a small window), and receive 6 hrs of additional lighting.    Interestingly, a single pot of many petunia seedlings I have growing in natural light (a brighter room, also a bit warmer) does not house any yellow leafed seedlings.

Apart from the species mentioned here, all others seem to be doing very well under these conditions.

Thanks in advance.



  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,530
    They look just fine to me.
  • But what about the yellowing of the margins etc?
  • I too think they look ok. The only thing I would question is the amount of light. I have seedlings under lights  and they get 14 hrs because I read  somewhere that's what they need. Dull room + gloomy day = not enough light.
  • It's just the extra expense of keeping them on for double what they are now.    I can't afford nice LED replacements unfortunately.
  • Get some cardboard, cover with foil, shiney side out, and set inside your trays creating an open ended box effect. Theory is the foil reflects light. Swap daily ( for better light) with the other seedlings that are doing well.
    I'm sure they'll be fine in the long run.
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