Liatris Spicata



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    Yet another plant I tried that only lasted a year! Isn't it amazing that in some gardens there are plants you can't get rid of and other plants, no matter how many times you try them, despite varying the situation in the garden, they just don't 'take'. Eryngium and Echinacea are another 2 plants I just can't grow! Despite many attempts. 
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  • This is brilliant news - the company weren't wrong and I am so looking forward to these flowers - they are amazing.  I bought them for their bee/butterfly attracting qualities and the information on here from you clever (bunch) has re-assured me.  Do you know roughly how tall they will grow - I am trying to visualize where to plant them for maximum impact.  Will they like our heavy soil which has been mulched with manure and old leaves?
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    Eryngium grows ok here, I have to dig out the babies or it would be everywhere. Echinacea is hopeless unless I put slug pellets down it gets chewed as soon as  it comes up. 
    I can’t grow carnations, hopeless,  I don’t think they like acid soil. 
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    Carnations I can do!
    'Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement' - Helen Keller

  • These are mine and the bees certainly do love them. 
  • Thanks for these amazing close-up photos Jacqueline - the proof is there for me to see. What type of soil is best for these lovely plants (see above for my notes on our soil) etc.
  • To be honest with you Guernsey I grew mine in pots, and only in Multi Purpose Compost, and they grew amazingly. 
  • Well it is good to know that they can grow so successfully in pots Jacqueline. Tbh I don't know where I am going to plant them yet - I may put a few in a large pot - what size did you use - I am not sure how close to plant them - my terracotta pots are about 8 - 10 inches across.
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