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I've recently moved to a more urban area. I have a small patio area but very limited flower beds. Two are taken up by large laurels, one of which I may be able to get rid of as it blocks some light.

My main growing area, aside from the containers that I have built and all the pots I've collected over the years, is a brick raised bed which is attached to the house and half of it gets sunlight for most of the day. The bed is very narrow; approximately 8" x 18'. The first ten feet of it is in sun most of the day. The last eight feet is partial shade due to a neighbouring house. The further up the wall you go, the more sun you get which is why I want to cover the wall in trellis and have climbing veg. At the top of the trellis I will have three or four hanging baskets with strawberries, a dwarf cucumber I think and possibly something else.

In the shady part of the bed, I was just going to plant some edible plants like borage and lavender and maybe have an ivy there to cover part of the wall and look nice. I wouldn't mind putting some shade loving veg in there but I have no idea what.

I already have some runner beans and peas that will be going out there in the sunnier side of the bed, but are there any other veg that are good climbers and look nice? I've heard a lot about tromboncino.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Is the bed just too narrow for anything good to grow?

Any ideas for climbers and for shady veg would be appreciated. I don't have a greenhouse in case anything needs starting off in one before the weather gets better. I might be able to get my hands on a cold frame and I do have a few propagators which will be on the windows inside for now.
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