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Last year I germinated the seed of a Kapok tree. However towards the end of last year it was looking rather sad with one set of yellowing leaves clinging on and a new small set of leaves on the top of the tree which by that time was about nine inches in height. I decided it might be better to over winter the tree in my house to at least give it a chance of survival. In about four months of warm conditions it has doubled in height with now a dozen leaf sets and what looks like more to come (see attached photo). I gather Kapok trees are native of South American rain forests where temperatures remain warm and humid the year round and I suspect it would probably not survive outside in our much cooler climate. Would you know if there are there places or organisations in our country that I could contact who might be interested in taking on the challenge of growing this specimen into what would be an unusual tree to have in their collection? Now I’ve started it into growth I feel rather responsible to try and make sure it has the best chance possible of developing into a fully grown tree. I do hope you can help.


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    Try the botanic gardens - Edinburgh, Wales, several English cities - and maybe Eden in Cornwall or the RHS and Kew which have large glasshouses.
    Vendée - 20kms from Atlantic coast.
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  • I know this is an old post, but would love to know what became of your kapok.
    Many years ago I sowed some kapok seeds with the children in my class during our topic of 'growth'; we were amazed at how quickly they grew and the children were given a plant to take home. Since then I have always wanted to grow them at home and this year ordered a kapok pod - I planted all the seeds and most have grown, so I have the 'responsibilty' of over 100 kapoks 😳. At the moment I have 3 pots indoors and the rest are in the polytunnel in pots. I believe you can use them for bonsai. 
    Has anyone else grown kapok? 
  • Thank you for your interest. Living in the Midlands i didn't think this plant would survive outside and contacted a number of botanical gardens in the hope they might like to add to their collections. Unfortunately none were able to do so mainly due to quarantine concerns. i took the plant and planted in my brothers garden London but sorry to say it did not survive. 
  • Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Sorry it didn't survive 🙁 - I believe it doesn't like temperatures below -1.
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